Welcome to Discern

Welcome to the Discern website! We would like to thank you for your time and interest in Discern. Please take a moment to look at the contents of our website for any information you may desire about our company, capabilities, products, services, and employment opportunities.

With 20 years of Plumbing & Sanitation family business, registered with PWD of West Bengal by the name of B. P. Sanitation and Sahoo & Company., now we expand our wings to newer technologies and avenues as Discern Engineering Pvt. Ltd as our new company with a goal to provide latest and high quality solutions to residential, commercial, infrastructure and industrial sectors. We have a vast experience in project planning, design, supply and execution of any Sanitary & Plumbing, Fire Protection & Detection,Security Solution and services engineering. With our knowledge and technical skills we offer complete solutions with quality service. We are equipped and resourced with technically qualified personals to execute jobs efficiently.

If there is any information you need that you cannot find on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact feature of the website. Thank you again for you interest in Discern and good luck on your search!


Individually we have been associated with:

1. Commercial Sector Projects
2. Infrastructure Sector Projects
3. Industrial Sector Projects
4. Power Sector Projects
5. Nuclear Sector Projects

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